The influence of paintings on interiors

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Interiors where you spend time have a huge impact on what everyday life looks like and what impressions and emotions fill this everyday life. It is from the right interior, the choice of colors and images that the energy emanating from these interiors depends.

How to properly compose colors and images in decorated rooms to achieve the desired effect?

  • How images should harmonize with the room
  • How important is the size of the image
  • What emotions can images convey

Adjusting the picture to the room

The first question before choosing an image is what role it should play in the room and how it will compose, and what kind of room it will actually be. Depending on whether you are looking for a painting for the living room, hall or bedroom, you should follow other guidelines. Still differently, the image is selected to be more neutral, public spaces, such as hotel lobbies or tattoo parlors.

The coloring of the picture and its mood

The most crucial aspect for the role of an image in a room is its theme, character and color scheme. Consider what background you want the painting to hang on. It is safer for it to contrast too much with the environment, such as dark, gloomy concepts on a light wall, but it will also be unusual to choose an image too similar to the surroundings so that it blends into the background.

The painting should emphasize the nature of the room in which it is hung. The atmosphere, built within its own 4 walls, is to reflect our own feelings, motivate our ambitions and help create a personal oasis. It is entirely up to the recipient how and with what images he will achieve it.

The situation changes when selecting images for places visited by a larger group of people. This requires a more objective approach. It is worth considering what mood we want to evoke in people who will visit a given space. Depending on the place of foundation, they can be extremely different.

A different effect is expected when choosing a painting for a home living room, where you can still allow yourself to be a bit eccentric, and another when decorating a dental waiting room, where you should rather lean towards peace and harmony.

All rooms can be decorated - not only those where we spend the most time. Thanks to the appropriate design, you can give a bathroom a unique character that will be remembered. This approach is extremely important when designing the interior of places such as hotel rooms or restaurants.

Image size

It is worth starting the selection of image dimensions by determining its desbest-painting-size-and-color-choosing_advice.jpgtination. Aspects such as the height and width of the walls, and the location of windows and other wall-hanging elements should be considered. The key to choosing the perfect size is objectively having the same safe field on each side of the image. A safe square is the surface of a wall with no additional elements or wall edges. They can be determined taking into account the duplication of the length or part of the image itself around its space. It is worth having at least one element in the room similar to the color of the painting. This should give consistency and reference to the decor of the room.

The aspect ratio is also important in the dimensions of the painting. Their reasonable use will allow us to fully expose and achieve aesthetic harmony. For wide walls, a perfect solution will be a horizontal painting, triptych or more in the form of a polyptych. More vertical, a narrower wall can, in turn, provide a great space for a single image with this shape.

Another interesting solution for larger spaces with wide walls is the use of similar colors and themes that will blend in perfectly. An example of this could be a set of two concepts Nauma New Meaning. 

Keep in mind, however, that when you hang images of different sizes side by side, their top edges may not look best in a single line. For example - if we have three paintings and one is larger, then he should be inside and protrude above the others.

Emotions that evoke images

Matching the image to the room is not a simple task. With the tips above, you can certainly make it easier. Placement in a room is not the only aspect of choosing art for an apartment. The images should first of all be suited to this spiritual interior. The space in which we move every day should be comfortable and its proper development can have a very positive effect on everyday life.

The bedroom is often the only place that we personally have full influence on. Each of its elements is closely related to the recipient's hidden personality and decides how to wake up in it. Various accessories, such as paintings, can stimulate creativity, give self-confidence and help you regenerate yourself when you return home. A well-known saying is that "my home is my stronghold". In the context of the decor, it is worth adding that it should be not only a fortress, but also a haven, an oasis in which we feel special.


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